True or False

In my culture, we have a say

Organized False is better than unorganized True

In Arabic

الكذب المرتب افضل من الصدق غير المرتب

In Arabic-Iraqi

الجذب المسفط أحسن من الصدك المخربط

This is hitting me several times, hard, during the past 20 years.

Most of my programming (and showing to client or user) falls into Unorganized True, I have hard time beautify my applications, make them easier on the eye, or sometimes make my work stands out, even thought it is good work (or as I see it)

The concept here is that I need to teach myself and make it a habit, to insist on decorate my work, (or output, reports, whatever you call it), to make client see what actually my work is.

You may not even notice, this article itself (about Organized false and unorganized True) was an idea I wrote several years ago in my website, but did not get beautified (organized) until I started this website ANmar.Top