The Fallen English Language

I know this is common knowledge in the US, but in my head, this is a language fail.
When you want to communicate a name over the phone (or any audio communications), you need to spell it out, especially if your name is not common, like in my name.

And when you do that, you have to give an example to describe that letter.
A is for Alpha
B is for Bravo
C is for Charlie

Well, “This is the fail”

Like P, D, V, and B for example, all sound alike (again in Audio communications)

A language needs to be able to communicate my thoughts to others, why do I need to give an example of the letter to tell you the letter?
I should just give you the letter (letter name) and you should be getting it?
Maybe I am coming from another language, or maybe because I did not need to do that when communicating in Arabic.
you see, in Arabic, letter name is unique to that letter, I do not need to give you an example to tell you the letter.