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Bathroom twice

Another Iraqi say

In hurry, you will do it twice


المستعجل يخري خريتين

To be polite, when you in hurry, you will go to bath room twice

So, try to take your time, give it a thought and it will turn out to be great, especially if you are doing a project, as in my case.

Yes, you guessed it, I fall into this trap almost every time.

Nice one, spam

I have seen a lot of spam,s most of them are creative, but this one stood out, needed to have it online to show other people what way can these guys go through to get you hooked and pay them.

This time, it says they capture me on an adult website and took a picture of me, yes, right…

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Another theme

Switched theme again, I know, but this time is really simple.

Called Casper and got it from Casper wp theme or from Github

The funny story is that I found it while wasting my time at lab clinic wsiting on an appointment.

Found a computer ther, and automatically went to play with it for few minutes, and here we are.