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Will not pee on a wound

This is really frustrating.

You see some people will not help even if their pee could heal a wound. Its an Iraqi say

ما يبول على إيد مجروح.

So imagine that there is a wound on someone’s hand, and it happens that this person’s pee could heal that wound.

Yet they don’t pee on it.

Moving to new host

We are moving to a new host

After doing most of the easy websites and domains, I am now moving all my wordpress sites to the new host.

That being said, i have a lot of other websites to finish

My deadline is Oct 2020, before my current host (soon to be previous host) expires on Nov 2020

Another theme

Switched theme again, I know, but this time is really simple.

Called Casper and got it from Casper wp theme or from Github

The funny story is that I found it while wasting my time at lab clinic wsiting on an appointment.

Found a computer ther, and automatically went to play with it for few minutes, and here we are.

Survived 2nd

Most of my website ideas do not survive a 2nd day. this one just did.

It is either because its so simple that i liked it or because i really really want this to happen. lets see if it survives 2nd month

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