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Moving to new host

We are moving to a new host

After doing most of the easy websites and domains, I am now moving all my wordpress sites to the new host.

That being said, i have a lot of other websites to finish

My deadline is Oct 2020, before my current host (soon to be previous host) expires on Nov 2020

Nice one, spam

I have seen a lot of spam,s most of them are creative, but this one stood out, needed to have it online to show other people what way can these guys go through to get you hooked and pay them.

This time, it says they capture me on an adult website and took a picture of me, yes, right…

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Dev website is getting closer and closer to what I am looking for.

Again, in case I did not mention that, I am using it for my own purposes only, if others want to use it too, they are welcome, but it will not stop me from enhancing it.

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