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1 Password formula

Having the need to remember passwords is something always hard.

We humans are lazy, our brains are lazy, we do not want to remember too many passwords.

Yet, our life requires us to use and remember passwords, so we try to use the same password for all out login. But we all know it is not good to have 1 password for all accounts. what can we do then?

Technology has not caught with this dilemma yet, we still need to have passwords that different, powerful, multiple and yet we need to remember them all. What can we do?

I have a suggestion, Instead of remembering 1 password for all accounts, Can’t we use 1 Password formula instead?.

A formula that generates password for each account, that password need to be unique to that account, powerful and hard to guess, yet remembered.

Doing that, we can have multiple passwords, remembered since we only need to remember the formula, and we can make formula generates powerful long ones.

My new challenge was some accounts need to have these passwords changed from time to time, the fix is to have a numeric value in the formula to be increased to generate new password.

Password Example:


Could be the password for my Account here in my website ANmar.Top (user name is ANmar)

P is the last letter of website (or company, or account url, etc)

A is the 1st letter of website

5 is number of characters for user name (or email)

+mymainword=Secure! are just constants to make password long enough with some characters

If I want to apply this to my account with Chase bank for example, I can have password like


E and C are last and first letters for the website or company in this case chase

11 is the number of characters of my username anmaramdeen

after that come the constants

We are now have two differnet passwords, log with special characters, but we remembered them,because we remember the formula only.

Another example of passwords formula can be



And so on…

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